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Jack of All Trades

Christina is the owner of Unfinished Business Entertainment, LLC, and she does a lot of different things for UB Draws as a result. She edits videos, manages social media accounts, handles the books, handles most of the tech-based stuff, and more.  Christina is spooky at heart and started UB in order to launch her career in haunted attractions.

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Illustrator and Star

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Core Values


  1. Respect People: Every person’s experience is unique. Respect the fact that others process the world differently and may act in ways you don’t understand; that doesn’t mean that anyone’s ideas and feelings are necessarily invalid.

  2. Try New Things: Experimentation breeds from creativity. Do something new if it peaks your interest - a “failed” experiment allows for growth and has potential to avoid being a waste of anyone’s time. Take personal accountability for your own growth.

  3. Stay Curious: When you’ve achieved a level of mastery and there seems to be less opportunities for you to grow than there were before, pivot. Change directions and investigate your opportunities. Ask your peers to help you brainstorm - there’s always more to learn and experience!

  4. Value the Community Experience: Collaboration is key to the success of our projects. Work with others to learn about your own strengths and weaknesses. Reach out for mentorship when confronting a situation that forces you to grow.

  5. Support Creation: Artists and makers are often left behind in the capitalist society we live in - let’s change that. Being a part of UB Draws means supporting the creators around you by sharing their work, buying their wares, or otherwise lifting them up in any way you can.

UB Draws strives to build a community of friends that begins and ends with the continued enjoyment of the work we do. Making money is and always will be secondary to this goal, only serving as a means of facilitating the art and entertainment we create.​