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Want to Join My In-Person Co-Working Times?

I host co-working hours in my local community where anyone can come and work on a project, socialize, or just be around other humans (like me!). If this sounds like something that would interest you, drop your email address below and I'll send you the co-working calendar and information every month! (This sign-up is different than my newsletter sign-up on the website home page.)

Thanks for requesting co-working info!

Content Schedule

Upcoming YouTube videos (published on Fridays at 11AM CST):​​​​​

  • Making a Calcifer purse from Howl's Moving Castle (Cosplay, sewing)

  • Re-visiting the Potion Bottles Resin Project (Review)

  • Free Little Library Part 2 - (Sculpting, paper mache)

  • Comparing bio resin to artist's resin (Product reviews)

Other content:

  • Join me on Instagram for regular content every week

Upcoming breaks:

  • February 16-18, 2024

  • March 1-4, 2024

  • March 23-30, 2024

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