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Christina Draws The Grinch in 2 Styles - Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Toro | UB Draws (VIDEO)

Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Toro meet the Grinch in this week's double-drawing video! I think The Grinch is a very spooky Dr. Seuss character - what are your thoughts?

Music: "Should We Rest (Loop)" by Arcane Anthems - You can find his free RPG music at


Artist 15.6 digital tablet by XP Pen

Adobe Photoshop




A green figure with a wide smile, crooked teeth, and a purple nose sits in front of a purple background with black, sketchy lines around the outside of the graphic. The figure has long, bushy eyebrows and purple circles around his eyes.
The Grinch - Tim Burton mashup

A combination of the Faun from Pan's Labyrinth and the green Dr. Seuss character, the Grinch, sits in front of a maroon background with organic swirls on it. He has a wide, crooked smile and swirls above his eyebrows, along with a poof of yellow-green hair on top.
The Grinch - Guillermo del Toro mashup

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