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The Story Behind Blood-Red, White, and Blue Zombies

I just launched the new Blood-Red, White, and Blue Zombie t-shirt on, so I thought I would shed some light on the background of this colorful and strongly Independence Day-themed design for you!

For those of you who don't know, I was privileged to spend a little more than a year volunteering for and learning from Corey Houtari of Dimension of Horrors Haunted Attractions ( during their time in Rothschild, WI. I helped build, finish, act in, recruit actors for, and put on the show at their 2017 haunted attraction, Dismembered Souls, and had such a blast doing it that I decided I wanted to stay in the haunted attraction business.

The next opportunity DoH gave me came from their other business, Phantom Laser Tag and Virtual Reality, a tactical laser tag arena that always left people wanting to return. Corey told me about these "zombie nights" the business used to do where he recruited a couple actors and they chased players around with headbands on their heads- the closer the zombies got to a player, the more damage they would do to the player. The players could only kill zombies by shooting that headband sensor (the game was head shots-only).

Two zombies taking a selfie.
Liam and I showing off some of the zombie makeup I did!

How did that apply to me? Well, Corey let me take over the program and I got to learn the basics of latex application, airbrush makeup, and making people undead under his supervision. My little brother, Liam, was my most dedicated zombie and we got in some much-needed Undead Sibling Bonding Time that summer!

For July 4th, I came up with the Blood-Red, White, and Blue Zombie night event which had us zombies dressed up in Independence Day gear and gave me an excuse to make new promo art for the zombies. Win-win!

That's the story behind the art! Thanks for reading!

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And lastly, check out a "Red, White, and Blue Zombie" shirt at!

Stay spooky!



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