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What is Unfinished Business?

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Unfinished Business is an experiment of sorts, a reason to get my toes wet in the business world!

I'm Chris D. I'm 20 and I'm in my third year of college, working on my Bachelor's in Marketing. Why? I want to be a hauntrepreneur (I want to run haunted attractions) when I grow up, so I need to know the ins and outs of running and promoting my own business! That's why I created Unfinished Business. For now, I'm only selling t-shirts, but I have big plans to grow this company! T-shirts are simply the low-cost and low-effort way for me to begin my journey into entrepreneurship and grow my resources while I'm still attending school.

I've always been an artist, a crafter, a seamstress, and a creator! Just try to keep me away from making things!

Me and my boyfriend, Jimmy
Me and my boyfriend, Jimmy (and don't forget Scarlett in the background!)

What got you into haunting, of all things?

My Grandma Lynn used to throw crazy Halloween parties when I was little. I always dreamed of going to one, but I was a big 'fraidy-cat! My grandma passed away when I was nine years old, but I'll never forget the huge Halloween decorations, costumes, and more that haunted her basement and created a frightening playground for us kids when we were little. She inspired me to look into haunted attractions during college and I fell in love with the art, the work, and the thrill of scaring others! Since then, I've entered a world of creativity, passion, and community that I truly identify with.

My Grandma Lynn at a family gathering
My Grandma Lynn at a family gathering

My Passion for Creating

It came from my Uncle Munny, who could be a spooky dude himself. He also passed away when I was young, but since then, I've learned a lot about the man he was. He sparked a passion for drawing when I was very little and he was a strong advocate for my brothers and I to stay on the clean path in life. He was passionate and a very free spirit, and he always left an impression wherever he went. That's why one of my favourite sayings is a quote from him:

"I came, accomplished nothing, and left a huge imprint!"

My Uncle Munny, a really inspiring person
My Uncle Munny, a really inspiring person

I have a million inspiring people (just like my Grandma Lynn and Uncle Munny) around me now who support all of my projects and creative ideas, so I decided that it's time for me to share my talents and passion with the world. My first step is spreading my original designs on t-shirts for spooky people to see! I have plans for where this business will expand, but unless you frequent Haunter's Hangout or Haunter's Toolbox on Facebook, you probably won't see much about them until they're ready for the public! Just know that I am always working on new things that are sure to intrigue you.

I hope you stick around to see what I have in store for my followers! I am being completely honest when I say Unfinished Business is an experiment, so it will take time, but I promise you that it will be well worth your attention and "like"s! Don't forget to follow Unfinished Business on Facebook and Instagram!

I'm always looking for inspiration, so please tag Unfinished Business in any of your projects! I would love to see them!

To see my past projects, such as homemade Halloween costumes and props, go to:

Thanks for reading!

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