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This cute dragon is handmade and is the perfect size for a standard clutch. It is a drawstring bag with polyester drawstrings and safety glitter eyes. This bag comes with a large pocket for holding your cell phone, keys, etc. between the dragon's wings.


NEW IN 2023: More colors coming soon! Red variants are made of flannel, while other variants are made of fleece.


For a full video walk-through of the dragon's cousins, the bat packs, go here:


If purchased alone, dragon purses will ship in a plastic packaging sleeve with paper packaging material and a cardboard insert, shipped via USPS. This is to ensure the purse does not get damaged during transit, and so that you receive a tracking number to track your shipment.


More about dragon packs:

Eye color may vary slightly between

bats. Please write any preferences in the notes of the order and I will do my best to honor that request given the inventory I have at the time. Eye colors include blue, silver, pink, gold, and green. Drawstrings will either be white or black depending on variant.

Dragon packs are made of reclaimed fabrics and recycled drawstring material. The only piece of the dragon packs and bat packs that aren't made of recycled or eco-conscious materials are the safety eyes, which are brand-new plastic pieces.

Dragon Purse Handmade Small Hand Purse

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