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This 6-inch wide treasure chest is artfully decorated to bring a sprig of a fantasy forest into your home. Each chest is lined in wool felt, making it a great place to hold small knick knacks, dice, or other items that clickety-clack. The chests are also clear coated to give them more durability and protect them from scuffs or humidity. Each chest features a small gold latch on the front, but is not a lockable piece. Decorated by an expert prop designer, you won’t believe these chests weren’t plucked straight out of a fantasy world!



  • Felt lining
  • Clear coated with shiny spray finish
  • Original design
  • Closing latch on front



  • Colors are protected from aging and sun bleaching, however it's still not recommended to place the piece in direct sunlight or heat for extended periods.
  • Water-resistant exterior 
  • Small fantasy aesthetic - easy to find space for a little extra whimsicality in your home or office


If purchased alone, the Enchanted Forest Treasure Chest will ship in a box with recyclable packaging materials placed in a plastic shipping sleeve, shipped via USPS. This is to ensure the Enchanted Forest Treasure Chest does not get damaged during transit, and so that you receive a tracking number to track your shipment.

Enchanted Forest Fantasy Treasure Chest, Dice Jail, or Trinket Box

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